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Welcome to Garba Flow - Rang. Rhythm. Raas.

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Our Story

Who are we? What do we do? Why do we do it?

Garba Flow is a Gujarati Folk dance, music, and arts organisation that hopes to spread the art of Gujarati Folk culture across the UK and the world. Born from a need to create a space where Garba can be explored, learned, and celebrated, Garba Flow has grown into a positive community that loves all things Garba!

With more than 10 years of experience, we have been creating and participating in unique projects. These include original music videos, classes and workshops, and live cultural performances. Garba Flow has provided those that are passionate about Garba and Gujarati dance a platform to express themselves and meet like-minded friends. Our classes provide technical training and an insight into Garba in a positive, mindful environment. We build confidence in anyone who wishes to expand their knowledge on Garba Dance and lead a fun active lifestyle.

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What We Do

Garba London Workshops

We love to give people an insight into Garba and a chance to top up or brush up on their Garba skills and knowledge. Our workshops always deliver Garba goodness in a variety of ways, depending on the theme and aim of the specific workshop. We have run in-house workshops and have catered bespoke workshops for family parties, corporate events, and schools too. We are always open to new ways so get in touch for more!


Garba Fitness Classes

Garba Flow classes merge the stunning technicalities of garba dancing with everyday fitness. We'll give you a basic understanding of the movement of Garba as well as push you to the limit! Get your blood pumping whilst also learning some amazing moves that you can then use during Navratri. All ages and genders are welcome!  

Garba Technical Classes

Our Technical Classes will allow you to learn the specific footwork and grace of Garba and the various styles. We will hone in on the background of Garba along with teaching the reasonings behind the way that the dance is performed. We will also cover more Garba theory and give an insight into the music, themes and flavours of different Garba styles.


1-2-1 or Bespoke Classes

Our 1-2-1 classes give you a unique experience with our undivided attention. We go deep into the correct postures, forms, and movements of Garba dancing. For our bespoke classes, we can tailor the teaching to what you want to learn, whether it be a particular type of Garba style or a specific dance routine you want to learn. Stay tuned!

Live Performances

We are available for private and public performances, such as weddings and corporate parties! Just get in touch with us at with as much detail as possible regarding the performance and we will be in touch! We have worked for the Mayor Of London, for Diwali On Trafalgar Square, BBC One and have given consultancy for Garba as dance from for performances for the British Royal Family.

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We are open for collaborations too! Music, dance, design, events - you name it! Just get in touch with us at with as much detail as possible regarding the collaboration and we will try our best t to get back to you. We strongly believe in coming together with like minded organisations and individuals to uphold our traditions and see how we can be inspired to create new art too.

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Classes, Workshops & Events

Navratri Garba Classes 2023

Our Navratri Garba 2023 classes are now available to book.


For class details click buy tickets


Hurry and buy your tickets early to avoid disappointment!

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Supporters and Collaborators

We are proud to call these organisations our supporters. They each embody some form of our own core values and we love working with them whenever we get the chance. Without many of them, we would not be able to achieve many of our goals. We thank them for their support, recognition and encouragement.

Follow us and join our journey!


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